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Roof Cleaning

Using Our Soft Wash Low Pressure Washing

We offer roof cleaning in San Antonio!


Don’t pressure wash your roof. Maintain your roof. 


The discoloration on your roof is caused by harmful bacteria (gloeocapsa magma is probably the most prevalent of several algae) feeding on your roofing surface, specifically the limestone found in asphalt shingles. Ultimately decomposing your roof and giving an unsightly curb appeal!

The longer and darker the streaks, the more damage to your roof. This erosion and granular loss on the shingle cause it to weaken, discolor, harden and crack. The ending result is a shorter life span for your roof.

Roof replacement is extremely expensive - no question about it - so if you're the kind of person that chooses maintenance over negligence and if an improved curb appeal is what you’re after, our soft-washing service is the smart choice.


Roof cleaning will completely kill off bacteria, algae, mold, fungi, and lichens, and can add years to the life of your roof, and will absolutely make your home look great.


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